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Personal Loan

Bank Provides Personal Loan to employees of various govt. departments, companies, educational institutes, retailers, small business entities to fulfill their personal needs i.e. hospitalization expenses, ceremonial expenses, repayment of prior debts, educational expenses of their children, purchase of household articles. e.g. washing machine, TV, Refrigerators, Air Coolers , Air Conditioners etc.

  • Service Charges applicable as per Banks prescribed norms.

  • Maximum Repayment period is 36 Months

  • Equated Monthly installment.

  • Interest Rates

  • Service Charges and liking share capital contribution will be as per policy of the bank.

  • Additional security required as per Bank’s prescribed norms.

Personal Loan Required Documents

Basic documents required for Personal Loan.

  • CIBIL Report
  • If borrower and surety is employee, Salary certificate, Copy of Form no. 16/ITR of them.
  • If borrower and sureties are agriculturists, 7/12, 6D and 8A Extract required of agricultural land and declaration on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- regarding annual income and supporting bills and bank account statement where these bills received are credited.
  • If borrower and surety is businessman, Financial statements, Copy of ITR, Computation of income for last three years.
  • Requirement of other documents will be advised as per necessity of the proposal.

Rate of Interest offered

Account Interest Rates Per Annum

Loan Amount

  • Up to Rs 5 Lakhs

Rate Of Interest

  • Interest Rates if undertaking u/s 49 of MCS Act is submitted by borrower 16.00% otherwise 17.00%

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